V-for Victory or Vision

Its either you like it or you hate it, I admire it not from a look perspective but rather the functionality and baldness of Victory to step into the lions den, the turf of Honda Goldwing and BMW. I like cause its a V-Twin, I like it cause its a Rotax engine. Introduced in February of 2007 as additions to the 2008 line up, the Vision bikes are first all new American-made luxury tourers introduced in 30 years. The Vision is to be offered in two versions, the Street which includes a full fairing and hard saddle bags; and the Tour which in addition to the full fairing and hard bags features a hard trunk which sports significant capacity. The Visions feature what is perhaps the lowest seat hight of any touring bike, however, the saddle boasts a full 4 inches of ultra comfort seat padding. Both bikes are offered with a wide range of luxury electronics. The design of the Vision is totally new, marking a step into the future for the company.

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