W-air express yourself the Lebanese way!!!

This is not for the faint hearted, content of this post uses explicit Lebanese Language, and daily dialect using common words, so if you are easily offended please close this browser page.

W'air (W-air) Pronunciation: woo-air
Function: undefined Date: unknown 1:
Term used to release extreme feelings of frustration.
2: Common usage is proven to reduce stress and increase general well being.

Expression Example
Normal : oh no I lost my keys Improved : W’air I lost my keys
English Equivalent I love you : W’air feek shoo b7ibak !
Some Useful Expressions:I miss you: W’air shou mishtaklak!
What happened?: W’air shoo sar?
What's wrong with you?!?: W’air bi shaklak
What's wrong?: W’air shoo fee?
W'air have you been??: W’air waynak?
Turn on the AC: W’air shoo fee shob!
The AC is not working!: W’air condition!
How could you do that?!: W’air shoo beik ya zalameh!
Please come back later: W’air ma shayifneh mashghoul
I have a hang over: W’air minteik albeh
Are you ok? W’air shoo beik?
Why haven't you called me?: W’air ma pta3reef it’talfeen
What an idea!! : W’air malla fikra!
Please reconsider: W’air ma bee-seer!
Where do I begin?: W’air do i start?
Please come back later: W’air ma shayifneh mashghoul
Don’t be a stranger: W’air ma tkhaleena nishtaklak
Of course!: W’air walaw!
It gets better!: W’air ba3id ma shifit shee!

So if you would like to brush up on your lebanese go to W'air bihal link.

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