Olympus 710 Digi Cam for 40 KD!!!!!

OK here is the deal, I have been an eBayer for like 5 years now and although the idea of purchasing a digital cam over eBay never crossed my mind, I decided to take the plunge. I am fed up spending $500 every 3rd year buying the lastest point and shoot. I wanted something handy and cheap that will replace my Canon S50 which is somehow a bit bulky by todays standard although this was a direct replacement to my Casio Exislim which I managed to loose in new Orleans a couple of years back. The deal was irresistible although the olympus 710 is not rated amongst the best performer but 40KD shipped to my door WOW... I will keep you posted
I forgot to add that the package included the following goodies.
4 Bonus:
1. 1GB XD Memory Card
2. Extra Olympus Li-ion Battery
3. Camera Case
4. Tripod


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good deal

how many mps ??

i just a small one,,

8MP canon powershoot A640

of course, had to order it from amazon.co.uk other wise it would cost me a fortune,,

it was for 70KD,,, which is not bad for that cam

looking forward to seeing some of your work

Hellraiser said...

The camera is 7.1 Mega Pixel, I would have prefered the Canon, however i wanted something better than a phone camera, handy and not to cry over if I loose it.

Will keep you posted when the box arrive.