Harley-Davidson And Ducati Could Merge

During these last two months I heard a persistent that Ducati and Harley-Davidson would consider a strategic merger. Then today Dennis Johnson, Dealernews and Big Twin Dealer Senior Editor, advises of an article just published by the very serious Financial Times and titled “Ducati Would Consider Harley-Davidson Merger Anytime, Ducati CFO Says”. Think about the alliances in the car industry between American & European companies. Some were very good, some turned bad. In this post, I am not going to explain the “total complementary” between Ducati and Harley-Davidson. I send you to the Financial Times article. It’s important news and if the merger happens, it can change all the landscape of the motorcycle industry. I always though the Monstro should have a Harley engine...

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Hekto said...

A Monster with HD engine? It would be a considerable mistake!

Thae weight of the engine and its gasresponse would remove the agility of the Monster.

A Ducati 1098 in the Buell would be a better choise than the Rotax engine.

The apeal to the customers is the same for both compagnies. The market segments are different. Customers of both compagnies expect a product taht can be taylored to an uniqe 'one off' by the customer.