MOI the comeback

Me and the gang rode our bikes to Nuwaisib on Thursday evening, I was amazed to see police patrols every 5 KM or so, usually this area is lawless. Kuwait times reported that 117 drivers held in 3 hours: As many as 117 people were caught over speeding in just three hours on the King Fahd Motorway. Traffic men fixed a radar on the motorway near Al-Nuwaiseeb area from 4 pm to 7 pm on Friday and issued citations to 117 violators. A Kuwaiti youth has been detained for driving at a speed of 305 km/hour in his Porsche car. He was referred to the Traffic Court and his car has been impounded. Traffic men have started a campaign against reckless drivers and riders performing stunts with their motorbikes. This is a great action taken on behalf of MOI, as the number of death toll has been rising steadily on this motorway.

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eshda3wa said...

well its about time try tried to controll these freaks!