Arabian Tours 4X4

For the past nine years i have been travelling frequently to Dubai, this is the first time I get the chance to do it for pleasure and not for business. This time the family decided to try out Off-Roading spiced up with dune bashing. We contacted Arabian Tours and booked our seats online. They have an excellent follow up and provided details of the afternoon activities which included A) Desert Landscapes - (B) Dune Ride - (C) Camel Farm - (E) Sunset - (F) BBQ. Dinner - (G) Belly dancer (H) Henna painting - (I) Camel ride - (J) Water pipe. Not bad a bad deal at 240DHS per person and kids for 180DHS. The driver aka Scorpion showed up at our door at 3:30 Sharp impressive, and we drove to pick up a couple of passengers from Malaysia at the Shangrila Hotel. The first disappointment came with the car I expected a Landcruiser our ride was Ford Expedition which turned out to be OK in the dunes. The detination was Lahbab 60 KM out of Dubai in the direction of Hatta. The off roading was OK and the dune bashing was great, its quite obvious that the trip was too commercialised and targetted towards european that would like to experience a bit of the Arabian desert flaura and fauna. After the Dune bashing with multiple stops about 5 of them we headed towards the camp, camel ride was under 2 minutes, shisha was low quality tobacco and the food was 1 star. As for the belly dancer she was russian the tape cut off 4 times, entertainment was superficial, overall 2 stars, thats because the kids were happy with the dune bashing.

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