Is Dubai Overated?

IMHO to a certain extent yes, sure they are expanding like crazy, with modern buildings sprouting up like mushrooms. Project concepts that would make any European country go to shame. We spend 5 days with Fadibou who’s residing in a town house in the springs, the townhouse was selling 3 years back for 650,000 DHS the going rate now is 2.4 million, for crying out loud that’s the price of a luxury 4 bedrooms house in Verdun area in Lebanon.

We went out walking in the springs area it’s like a ghost town at night, heading down to the local Spinneys , you see Europeans all over not a hint of Arabic flavor, the local Starbucks is crowded with British, I felt a loss of identity where am I?
Sure you got massive malls that can make you fit to a compete in a marathon, you have clubs and activities, however this comes at a price, a decent lifestyle in Dubai needs an income between 35,000 to 40,000 DHS. Toll will be applied for using SBZ road, next we will have taxes

Honestly speaking I would rather invest in Lebanon for real estate the only added value in Dubai is that you can recover your investment through rental. So my verdict on Dubai is limited to vacationing and not to exceed 5 days.


eshda3wa said...

i havent been
after i go ill tell u if its over rated or not

Joud said...

yes it is