Wildhogs The Movie March 2nd

Later this year a movie called Wild Hogs will hit the cinemas. It’s basically the same theme as the movie City Slickers with Billy Crystal, but the horses are replaced with Harleys. I’m pretty sure this would be a fun movie. It’s got motorcycles in it, Harleys of course and it just might attract some wanna be bad boys to the biking scene. The movie is not generating that much fuss online few blogs mention how fat John Travolta has become, after finding some photos from the shoot, lets face harley Riders ain't skinny either. Then of course there’s the little mishap where Hells Angels sues Disney for using their logo in the movie.


BLaSha said...

I kinda started to dislike John Travolta, he's getting so old and still thinks he's some sorta model or sumthin :/

Fadi said...

hellR, we need to shoot a similar movie soon. Hellr, Fadibou and Wild RRRandy , we still need one more and we can do it.

Hellraiser said...

Hey Fad for sure we will, now that we are geared up for the trip to Khorfakan, we will have a blast, i amreally looking forward for this.