Riding Tips???

The causes of many motorcycle crashes can be attributed to:
Lack of basic riding skills
Failure to appreciate the inherent operating characteristics
Failure to appreciate the limitations of the motorcycle
Failure to use special precautions while riding
Failure to use defensive driving techniques.
Lack of specific braking and cornering skills
Failure to follow speed limit
Follow these rules:
Treat other motorists with courtesy and respect.
Avoid tailgating.
Avoid riding between lanes of slowmoving or stopped traffic.
Know and obey traffic laws, including ordinances in your community.
Avoid excessive noise by leaving the stock muffler in place or using a muffler of equivalent noise reduction.
Use signals when appropriate.
Be Courteous: The practices of some ridersare offensive to other motorists (e.g., weaving in and out of stalled traffic, riding on shoulders). Being inconsiderate of other motorists creates a negative image for all riders,and can cause crashes.
Now I wonder if the above does not applies to cars in Kuwait???

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