Hellraiser II Resurrected

Perception of women bikers, pink bikes, flowers naaaa, forget the norm, my wife's Nightrain started off as an Ugly Dukcling, the previous owner a british school teatcher (GSQ) have humilated this machine by leaving it parked in all kind of weather, custom violet paint job and lots of silicone to hold it together about the only thing in common with women nowadays :). Hellraiser is a bad ass flat black Nightrain, I thought I was building it for myself, until my wife saw it! It was love at first site she dumped her Sportster custom and went for my Nightrain. With a 5 degrees stretched front rake, stage one performance kit, this HD smokes its rear tire by dropping the clutch. My wife thinks its the best thing she ever rode, immagine a 48kg woman handling a 350KG beast, thats Hellraiser II.


The Don ® said...

good to see you up and about, welcome back, I still have my Hardcore bro.. but I sold my blue fatboy though.. :(

I hope I will see you soon on the road.. in a month though, I am traveling in few days.. ;)

Hellraiser said...

Hey thanks dude,h ave a safe trip hope you are not quitting biking by selling both bikes?