To V or to B that is the Question!

Its that time of the year, where I have an itch about changing my ride, my wife calls it Mid-Life crisis, I call it time for change. Throughout the years I have owned over 30 or so bikes, for the past 5 years i have been experiencing the Harley Dream or at least trying to fit my engines to my riding style. Every Harley I owned I modfied its engine, to acheive at least 100HP. But the frame of these beasts fails time and over again, above 160KPH, it twitches it wobbles and if lucky you get a tank slapper thrown in as freebee. The time has come to move on form conventional AC Vtwin to 100+ HP.
The contenders:
The V-ROD, german engineering powered by a Porche design engine, built in the US, delivering 120HP+, Brembo Brakes. Sleek, Raw, Evil Machine, excellent stability on straights, cornering abilities are next to zero, due the lack of clearance, not a bike for twisties but then again Kuwait is flat and corner free, seating position not a cruiser. Worth cosidering given its a Harley on steroids, my only negative feedback is the lack of torque vs its AC counterparts with 1600cc. Price is 5700KD.
The B-King, bullet proof engine 164HP, 94 ft/lb of torque and speeds close to rip your pants. The bike is naked, similar to V-Rod and the K1200R, looks futuristic, I like the Batman styled exhaust. Price Tag is 3700KD, for 2000 less its the bike to beat, but again as the V-Rod it has an identity crisis, which is exactly how I feel!!


kella met2a5er said...

Man, dude..7ajy..you have had 30 bikes in 5 years!! I hate you, but again you rock dude, seriously man 30 in 5, shit you should be given an award for that!!..man I envy you, Im so green now you should just go and ba5ir your slf after reading this comment, no really, if I mention buying a new bike I will have mna7a from my wife, and lectures from everybody I know..

-*right fist up and eyes closed with a little tear on the left one*-

right on man, darbik 5athar =/

Hellraiser said...

Dude 30 bikes over 25 years, not 5, no wonder you think this should be a record.

Mark said...

dude this is such an easy choice, the B-King of course! Can't believe its just KD3700 thats dirt cheap!