Harley Crossbones 2008!

The raw aggressive styling of the Cross Bones is no mistake. Harley is exposing a fresh, mainstream side of the venerable Motor Company. Harley looked to its knuckles and pans of yesterday for styling cues on the latest motorcycle in its Dark Custom line. The Cross Bones has the "retro look of a Springer front end and other post-war era bobber styling cues like a sprung solo seat, half-round rider footboards, Gloss Black round air cleaner cover and chopped front fender." Harley has done its homework because these styling cues are reflected in current trends in the custom building scene.

This makes my choice of a new bike harder, I like the range of Harley Dark Customs, in specific the V-rod since I already own the Nighttrain. The X-Bones is a heavy weight contender that appeals to the retro fanatic while delivering 21th century performance, I happen to be one of them, time to trade in my Electra Glide.

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