20 bikers beat up KTV anchor (yeah right)

Lies Punches & Video Tapes. I would like to take a second to salute the Wooss in the picture for his bravery and taking it like a man, unfortunately this model of misery, went with his tale between his legs after instgating the fight and communicated the following to the local media. "KUWAIT : An anchor at Kuwait TV, identified as A.M, filed a complaint at Shamiya Police Station accusing about 20 youngsters (the youngest beeing 40) of assaulting him, reports Al-Seyassah daily.The Kuwaiti anchor said he saw 20 youngsters riding Harley Davidson motorbikes on the Arabian Gulf Street and asked their permission (HOG invited KTV to cover the 4th annual bowling tournament) to film them. Reportedly, the youths agreed but shortly afterwards a motorist driving a car bearing a Saudi number plate tried to prevent him from filming and forced him to pull over (after he tried to run him of the road twice). The anchor presented his ID (yes by swearing and thinking that HOG will side by him and beat the Saudi intruder) and said he was filming the youths after taking their approval but to his utter shock and surprise, the youths started attacking him and caused him bruises on his face and eye (Poor Baby). The anchor gave the film showing the plate numbers of the motorbikes to the police.

In conclusion I feel rejuveniated by this article by beeing called a youth, and relieved that the Kuwaiti press are really as reliable and accurate in depicting the information as the weather service and finally the dissapointment that 12 guys who beat him up, a total 24 fists could only manage to land one accurate punch.

Update: Yesterday the guys spend the day at the police station where our fearfull hero was called in to point out the so called sodomisers. Believe it or not, he failed to recognise the gentlemen who blued him, keep in mind there was only one person at the station. Then after 3-4 hours he had a total recall and said now I remember. "poor bugger must have been a severe concussion".

I have been with the HOG for over 5 years and I know all the members on both the group and private level, after all these years of dodging drunk women, juvenile racers and right down to the moronic careless riders it takes a lot to piss us off, however anyone who crosses the line in firing obscenities is asking for it...