Operation Resurrection

Operation Resurrection
Originally uploaded by Wandermo.
So here I am again, working on my pet project, final color scheme to my HD, silk black, matted black accessories, tuff boy dsign. Will keep you posted on the progress


The Don ® said...

It's about time you posted, I was this close of loosing hope that you will post, and stop checking your blog.. :/

Salted-Caramel said...

Hell man, finally you update your blog. Your pet project quoi? You mean your ride?

Hellraiser said...

Hey guys thanks for checking my BLOG, I was running all over the place to get that project ready. There is still a week to the final unveiling. Anad I amtravelling in the coming days, so dont loose hope just 8 days more :)

Salted-Caramel said...

Have fun on your trip where ever you're going! :) Where are you going anyway?

leanordericks13109326 said...

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samboose said...

You're back!!!! YAAAY!!!! Well good luck and please try to post even if you're busy.

Peach said...

dude! Nice scull! Can't wait to see pictures of the complete and finished HD ;)

Q8ana said...

may i ask whats an HD ? Harley Davidson ? GOOD LUCK with it :X

The Don ® said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand a flat line.. (another dead blog) :(

Peach, here is the picture of his end project..

Dalalism said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiii great job but may I ask what is it 4 ? Did u mould ? did it from scratch ?

Allah BLess

davidgonzo9339038283 said...

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The Stallion said...

Hmmmm!!!!! Do I know you?!?! :oP

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