Dog Curbing

Dog Curbing
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Whats the difference between Europe and third world countries, well in Europe they have signs for bicycles, pedestrians and dog curbing, yes dog curbing! In a country where crossing the street is ahalf hazarded affair, our European counterpart can fine you up 300 Euro if you do not stop for pedestrians, where on the otherhand people in this part of the world take the pleasure at aiming and speeding towards pedestrians.
Why cause pedestrians are deemed poor therefore who cares. It pays to be a dog in Europe, at least you have better privileges :)


Salted-Caramel said...

They should enforce the "dog curbing" law in France. The country smells like dog poop.

Hellraiser said...

This picture was actually taken in Toulouse a wonderful city i might add, so I believe they are enforcing it in some regions.

Rainbows End said...

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Anonymous said...

France is way behind European countries concerning bicycles & dog curbing!
I have a bicycle and I always end up being yelled out!
As for dog curbing, I had my own dog, and I was one of the rare people ion this country who collected my own dog's curbing.
In France you get used to walk with your head down to avoid stepping into dog's poop!