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Operation resurrection, I have spent last week in Shuwaikh, locating a powder coating shop to give my bike a matt make over instead of the shiny chrome, which i grew to hate over the course of last year, as i spent an hour polishing my chrome before going on a ride. i have started with the exhaust and the light nacel and extend light rings. the matt look will be carried omn my spare body work, no more fancy paint, its time for some serious riding and aggressive look to go with my engine mods pumping 105HP. Wooohha


samboose said...

OMG, you sounded so juch like my hubby. He spends hours and hours detailing his car and bike. It's his favorite hobby.

The best thing about the bike is early friday morning when he used to take me for a ride and we go have breakfast. I say ride on!!!

The Don ® said...

from my artistic point of view, I would have done the whole light not only the tip.. that would have looked cooler, the three lights in mat finish. and also the sides of your tree there.

my .02 cents.. ;)

Spontaneousnessity said...

boys and their toys :P

The Don ® said...

Spon, I swear it’s more than that.. it’s a way of thinking.. it’s a life style.. not something to play with, and drop it in a month or two.. :)

Hellraiser said...

I will update my picture soon. I wanted to leave it that way to break the monotony lets see the end product and proceed accordingly.

Spon: Its hard for you to understand, its not a toy, its a joy that gives you a different perspective in life, some people yoga we harley hence we live!

samboose said...

Well I can see where spon's coming from though... I never understood it until I lived with someone with that passion. Know I understand and appreciate. To each his own craftsmanship!