Travertson V-Rex

bg_index And I quote "If Angelina Jolie strolled down Main Street naked, perhaps with her hair on fire, she might come close to attracting the amount of attention the Travertson V-REX does" OK this does not apply in Kuwait!!!.

Now that's an odd name and odd looking bike. But wait what is it really? For starter the power plant is the V-Rod, the frame is a pure state of art non conventional telescopic forks, which is replaced by a unique front swingarm damped by a single adjustable shock. at $43,990 the V-rex ain't cheap, however given the nature of the beast and the clientele its aiming to attract, the price is not that bad for a custom build eye catcher.

This said if you can't afford it , you can always rent it for $300 a day, cheaper than a date with Mrs Smith!

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