Muhannad's close call

Left_Bag Motorcycles are classified as dangerous, not due to the driver ability, but due to the lack of respect from other motor vehicles we share the road with. Adding insult to injury is that the rise in the number of intoxicated drivers on the streets of Kuwait is multiplying at an  alarming rate. Although a lot of efforts is being exerted by MOI to curb the number of drivers operating their cars under the influence, facts still remains that a lot of them are still out there and posing a threat to others. Night riding accentuates the level of danger when riding a bike, of course week ends are probably the worst. What really strikes me is that a major campaign was launched against the use of mobiles in cars, nearly forgotten by now. However the intoxication problem is never tackled as it is considered immoral and no one wants to admit that there is an alcohol and drug problem in Kuwait. So until someone wakes up and smell the coffee, here are some tips for night riding.

A bike is not a truck: a lot of us tend to think we own the road, due the nature of our physic or state of mind , well I got news for you . You are neither at best you are soft target that no one notices.

Reflectors: you need them, there are always blind bats out there, wear reflectors on the back, that will help tell others that you are a human.

Helmet & protective gear, yes you need them, if its too hot for you, don't go out, road rash can be very painful.

Stick to the middle lane, by far this is the best option, you are not obstructing so called Shumachers wanna be  on the left lane, nor are you a target for amateur Indian drivers on the right.

Use your mirrors at all times, check and double check, you never know when the phantom drivers are inches behind you, saving on their battery or trying to act cool.

Drive in groups, its always safer, driver tend to notice large number of bikes and steer away from trouble, as they think we will beat them up for no reason.

If you are on deserted dark strip of road use the flashers, although its against driving regulation, who cares your life is more important.

Keep it cool, don't pick arguments with cars, they are cars and one swerve can send you into a three month hospital stay.

Stay safe and read about Muhannads close call on his blog. Link


Anonymous said...

Its really sad to see these crazy drivers on the road. I would love to be with a group of riders who are not into crazy stunts. Do you ride on some particular days?

Hellraiser said...

Usually on Mondays and thrusday evenings, most of our trips are towards the souht to escape the heat.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...Do you think I can be part of your group considering that I am getting Suzuki Hayabusa? Where do you start the trips from?