Schumi's New Ride.

Finali Mondial Ferrari, an annual gathering featuring previously purchased ex-Ferrari team machinery held at the famed Monza racecourse near Milan. Additionally, this year Schumacher was going to be honored. They wanted to present Schumacher with a special gift of a Harley-Davidson. But not a stocker, they wanted something special.

The only hitch was the bike had to be transformed into a gift fitting for Michael…in Ferrari Red, of course, and they had just three weeks to complete it.

The timetable was tight, but the bike was completed in 20 days and shipped to Italy via Federal Express in time for the event.

The bike is a 1981 (crappy engine) FLH was transformed into the cool looking Ferrari Red “Bobber” seen here. The engine, frame, wheels and forks remained Harley-Davidson original, all I got to say, its a nice retirement gift from 500HP to 60HP :)

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