Going Going........

The most famous model of the most famous car in the world! Yeap General Lee, Although the plate says a 426 Hemi, the car actually has a 511 crate motor from 1998 that produces approx 725hp. It has suspension by Hotchkis, auxiliary transmission by Gear Vendor, Viper brakes, and a racing steering box. Although I hate to part with this car, I am really looking forward to building a new one, something I haven't done since I built this one. One more detail, there is an article coming out in a major car magazine where this car is compared and raced against the Starsky and Hutch car, and the Batmobile. Guess who won? This car is auctioned on eBay, hurry up if you cough 2 million geez you might be able to pick up Jessica Simpson!!!

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