Honda Varadero 2009 rumored

My all time favorite trail has just grown bigger and badder. Forget Beemers, KTM, Aprilia, Guzzis. The African King is here the real deal built to digest miles on end with superb reliability. Enter the Varadero 2009 rumored to be powered by a V4 1200 cc with 120 HP on tap and tipping the scale at 220kg, I would rather have Honda beef up the V-twin to 1200 and introduce a shaft a la BMW, while keeping the weight. Whatever Honda decide, I will go with Varadero over any bike out there.



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Two Plugs said...

It is funny to notice that our fake photoshop- pictures made it in to the real world. These view photo's are taken from the International Varadero Forum at www.varadero-international.com and made by Mr. U. Doms, administrator.

Bernard 2plugs, president Varadero International