2007 Not a Good Year for US Motorcycle Sales

The stuttering U.S. economy has apparently affected motorcycle sales, which decreased dramatically in December of 2007. Weak sales in the 4th quarter have dragged down the average for the year.

Comparing December 2007 to December 2006, sales of off-road bike were down 27.7%; street bikes were down 19.7%; scooters were down 21.1% and all motorcycle categories combined were down 23.2%. ATV sales were also off 28.3%

The poor showing in December brought the year to date sales of off-road bikes (compared to 2006) down 17.1%; street bike sales were down 4.9% and scooter sales remained unchanged. The dual-purpose motorcycle category showed the only increase at +6.7%.
Initial reports show overall motorcycle sales (all categories) for 2007 averaged a decrease of 7.2% compared to 2006.

Cruisers are largely recreational motorcycles; their sales rise and fall with the economy. A downturn in sales is more of a reflection of harder times than popularity. Higher interest rates is what's keeping consumers away from Harley Davidson, not lack of popularity.

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