Superbeasto the Final Cut

It is alive, 4 month and a half of hard work and 3500$ later, I am proud of my new creation. Introducing the all new revamped 2000 Nightrain. Boasting a 200 rear Dunlop tire on 17" rims, Front 21" on Avon, 1550 engine, 211 cams, 4 degrees advance gear, modified 40 mm CV, Tailgunner Rotary exhaust, 2-1 V&H header, Lepera seat, Silk Matt Black with Gold Flakes. The bike is an attraction on the street, and anywhere it parks, everyone wants to see the rotary exhaust in action and boy these pipes are loud, always mixed feelings about the color scheme and since this my wifes bike she picked her own tank emblems a I Heart HD with swarovski (fake) stones.


Mark said...

I think I like the look of the old Nightrain better. I think the new paint job with the gold makes it look cheap.

Hellraiser said...

Its always a matter of taste, the look is retro 50 style and the gold flake is a reflection of this era.