MFX CLASSIC Motorcycle Faucet

Blending the finest in designer faucet technology with an original motorcycle- inspired style, the MFX Classic faucet is a bold and stunning addition to your home, workshop, RV or yacht. Not all faucets are created equal. Style and quality of materials distinguishes low-end from high-end models. This product is for the discerning individual who seeks a quality faucet. More than 2 years in development, our patented design gives you the best craftsmanship and performance you should expect from a well made product, including: - Durable finish - Precision engineering - Ceramic disc valves - Brass construction At the retail price of $799.99 the MFX Classic, with its top-of-the-line components, showcases a unique durable fixture that only happens with attention to detail and unquestionable standards for quality. Imagine this designer item in your home, business, workshop, yacht, RV....you name it! Featured Product on HGTV - I Want That Baths! Here is what they had to say... "People are getting away from the big box run-of-the-mill bathroom products" "Give your bathroom that Born-to-be-wild look" "Get a grip on these chrome and steel beauties" "A bold unconventional accessory that is sure to give your bathroom that extra horsepower you have been looking for" You gotta love creativity.

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